The Benefits of an Online Education at UW–Madison

The idea of going back to school can be a thrilling one: learning advanced engineering skills, making new networking connections and furthering your education to take your career to the next level. Occasionally, though, those pesky concerns rear their ugly heads. You know the ones: Will the professors have time to answer my questions? Will employers be impressed with an online graduate credential?   

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you can put aside your worries and look forward to an array of benefits when you begin your online learning journey. Today, we’re addressing common concerns about embarking on your graduate journey online with UW–Madison and highlighting the numerous advantages of our online programs. 

#1 Prestige 

Founded in 1848, UW–Madison is a world-class institution with a well-known reputation. U.S. News & World Report not only ranks UW–Madison as one of the top 50 national universities but also as one of the leading online graduate engineering schools in the country. When earning a graduate degree or capstone certificate online from UW–Madison, you’re receiving an outstanding education from passionate and premier professors and earning a credential from a renowned engineering program. 

#2 Accessibility 

Whether you live an hour away from campus or halfway across the globe, UW–Madison’s online programs makes it easy to enroll in classes from around the world and easily finish coursework from wherever you live. 

#3 Customization 

We get it. Career goals and professional interests are not a one-size-fits-all affair. That’s why we believe it’s important for you to customize your courses to align with your professional goals. In addition to the required courses in your program, many of our online graduate engineering programs allow you to choose your electives to align with your chosen career path. 

 #4 Career Advancement 

Many of our alumni have gone on to work for prestigious companies including Boeing, Kite Hill, Kohler Co, Amazon and Johnson Controls (to name a few). With small class sizes, you’ll delve into deep discussions, gain industry insights and network with fellow classmates who work in a variety of industries. This can lead to increased job prospects and potential career advancement upon graduation. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether employers will be impressed by an online degree. There isn’t a different between online and on campus in terms of coursework and faculty. You will learn from the same faculty that teach on campus and your diploma will not say “online.” 

#5 Engaging Lessons 

The faculty at UW–Madison provides a rigorous curriculum that gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills and qualifications while you continue working. Throughout your time with us, you’ll be able to apply the skills you’re learning in the virtual classroom in real-world professional scenarios and understand their impact firsthand. 

#6 Individualized Learning 

With smaller class sizes in an online setting, you have more opportunities for one-on-one interactions with professors and fellow students. Our faculty prides themselves on their passion for working with individuals who are as dedicated to the engineering industry as they are. Through our online learning platform, Canvas, you can seek personalized feedback and guidance, lending to a unique, hands-on academic experience. 

#7 Inclusivity 

Our online engineering programs are inclusive of students of all backgrounds. If you require certain accommodations to enhance your learning experience, we provide a range of digital tools to suit your individual needs, from adaptive technology to assistive learning devices (and so much more)! 

#8 Cost-Effectiveness 

Say goodbye to the additional costs of commuting, moving, finding new housing and other expenses associated with earning your degree in a traditional, in-person format. In addition, many employers offer employees tuition reimbursement for attending graduate school, whether it’s in person or online. 

Find the Online Engineering Program That’s Right for You at UW–Madison 

A graduate degree or capstone certificate doesn’t have to remain out of reach just because you’re working full time or caring for your family (or both). At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, we pride ourselves on being able to provide accessible education to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of engineering and gain advanced skills to propel their career forward.  

Through firsthand experience, we know that one of the most convenient ways to provide a work-life-education balance is by offering online programs. Below are a selection of our current online engineering program offerings: 

  • Master of Engineering in Data Analytics
    This 30-credit online program offers a distinctive blend of data science education specifically tailored to engineering, along with the essential skills required for project leadership and effective team management. 
  • Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    You can complete this engaging and intensive program in just two to three years while maintaining your current role. Choose from a variety of courses to customize a curriculum that aligns with your goals of becoming a leader in manufacturing systems engineering.
  • Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Engineering
    Whether you’ve recently graduated with your bachelor’s degree or you’re an experienced professional looking to advance your career in electric power, power electronics, motor drives or electric machines, this 30-credit online program will give you the advanced skills needed to succeed in your specialization. 
  • Power Conversion and Control Capstone Certificate
    You can complete this 9-credit capstone certificate in only one year, earning an impressive addition to your resume while simultaneously preparing you for the Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Engineering program, should you choose to pursue it in the future. 

Once you’ve decided on a program that aligns with your goals, take the next step and apply today!