6 Ways UW–Madison’s Engineering Programs Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology

When you’re interested in expanding your engineering skills, you want to be sure that you’re choosing a graduate program that remains at the forefront of the technological curve. That’s why so many students shortlist the University of Wisconsin–Madison when determining where to earn their engineering graduate credential. 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to staying up-to-the-minute on the latest engineering technology, from the experienced faculty who instruct our courses to our students, who are introduced to popular engineering trends such as smart manufacturing. 

Today, we’re discussing six ways you can count on UW–Madison to ensure you’re receiving an education brimming with technological advances: 

#1 Research and Innovation 

Our university is proud of our faculty and students’ passion for conducting research in a variety of engineering disciplines. Whether your interests lie in engineering data analytics, manufacturing systems engineering or another specialty altogether, each of our programs place a heavy emphasis on research that aims to advance the frontiers of knowledge and technology. Often done in conjunction with industry partners like Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) and government agencies, conducting research allows the university to remain connected to the most recent technological advancements. 

#2 Industry Partnerships 

Our faculty and staff regularly attend conferences and meet with industry partners who provide helpful feedback about the skills and knowledge that employees value in recent graduates. Along with student feedback, we combine the input from our partnerships to make relevant adjustments to our current course offerings. This ensures that our curriculum aligns with the needs of current and future Badgers and emerging technological trends. 

#3 Faculty Expertise 

When you complete your online graduate program, you’ll learn from distinguished and internationally renowned faculty members. Whether you’re passionate about beginning a career in Industry 4.0 or data analytics, you’ll be taught by expert faculty who are leaders in their field. Your professors are prepared to not only show you the ropes but provide you with advanced knowledge in their expertise, including the details on the latest technology. 

From professors with experience in renewable power generation systems to others who’ve been published and accumulated multiple awards in their chosen specialty, you’ll find no shortage of faculty who are enthusiastic to share their skills and lived experience with students eager to expand their skillsets and understanding. 

#4 Professional Development 

UW–Madison encourages both students and faculty to attend a variety of professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, conferences and seminars. By immersing themselves in multiple professional development opportunities, our staff and students can remain at the leading edge of the latest technologies in engineering, such as robotics, machine learning, quantum computing and more. 

#5 Guest Lecturers 

In addition to courses led by experienced faculty, we also invite industry professionals and guest lecturers to speak to students about recent technological advancements and how students can use them in real-world scenarios. This gives students the chance to hear from professionals in a multitude of industries and exposes them to a diverse range of perspectives. 

#6 Curriculum Updates 

As we confer with industry partners and professionals, we’re able to adjust course material as needed to suit the ever-changing skill sets required by top-tier employers around the country.  

For example, one of the most recent additions to our online programs was a course in smart manufacturing. Because smart manufacturing has become such a prominent trend in manufacturing engineering, we’ve taken the time to update our courses to include the rapidly changing technology associated with it. 

In addition, we currently have three research projects related to the most up-and-coming smart manufacturing trends, including: 

  • Robust Fault Detection of Manufacturing Machines 
  • Intelligent Assembly Monitoring 
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring 

Stay On Top of the Latest Tech Advancements at UW–Madison 

There are countless benefits to remaining on the cutting edge of the newest engineering technology. Not only will you have an advantage over the competition, you’ll also be able to conceptualize the most innovative ideas in your discipline and adapt to the changes in technology as it evolves.  

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, we take every measure to expand opportunities for our faculty and students and ensure that they master the skills needed to advance in their careers. Whether you’ve recently completed your bachelor’s degree and are continuing your education, you’re ready to make a career change, or you’ve finally decided to make the leap and advance your current role, UW–Madison provides a wide variety of  unique online graduate engineering programs to choose from, including: 

Once you’ve found an engineering program that aligns with your future goals, you can rest assured that even if you’re working full time, raising a family—or both—your online program offers you the flexibility to complete your coursework when it’s convenient for you. With online learning, you can earn your degree and stay up to date with the latest technology, too. Looks like you really can have it all at UW–Wisconsin. 

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