6 Reasons Earning an Advanced Engineering Degree at UW Madison Is Different 

Picture this: After careful consideration, you’ve concluded that returning to school to earn an online graduate credential in engineering is the perfect fit for you. Congratulations! 

The next step involves choosing a university with programs that align with your professional goals and provide a rigorous curriculum, networking opportunities and more. At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you’ll find an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, a faculty renowned for its expertise in your engineering specialty and a flexible program structure tailored to meet the needs of working professionals like yourself. 

Below, we’re exploring six distinctive features that make earning an online graduate credential at UW–Madison unique. 

#1 Academic Reputation 

U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks UW–Madison among the top 50 national universities, a recognition attributed to our ongoing commitment to developing and delivering rigorous academic programs and conducting cutting-edge research. For those considering enrollment in one of our online engineering programs, it’s worth noting that we also hold a top position in the rankings for online master’s in engineering programs. With this level of public recognition, a degree or capstone certificate from UW can provide your resume with a well-deserved boost. 

 #2 Diverse Elective Offerings 

We recognize that your career aspirations may differ from those of your peers, and that’s okay. That’s precisely why we provide a diverse array of electives in many of our online engineering programs. 

Take, for instance, our Master of Engineering: Engineering with a Data Analytics planned option, a 30-credit online program comprising 15 core and 15 elective credits. Within this program, we proudly present more than 15 potential elective courses, carefully tailored to align with your interests and future career objectives.   

Furthermore, our Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering has an impressive eight electives to choose from  in fulfilling your elective requirement. So, no matter where your passions lie, you’ll find an elective that will spark your creativity and help you attain the skills needed to advance your career. 

#3 Faculty Expertise 

At UW–Madison, our faculty is a diverse mix of professors and industry practitioners. Some of them collaborate with the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) to shape a comprehensive curriculum for our online Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Engineering program. 

No matter which program you choose, our combination of academic and professional expertise ensures that you’ll benefit from both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, creating a valuable learning environment enriched by the collective abilities our faculty brings to the table. 

#4 Interactive Learning Environment 

As a virtual student, it’s important to have an online learning environment that mirrors the interactivity of in-person classrooms. To ensure you feel confident in your virtual learning experience, we implement several measures, including: 

  • OSLO
    Before classes begin, all students participate in our Online Student Learning Orientation (OSLO). This orientation ensures you are comfortable with our learning platform, Canvas, before your courses start.
  • Weekly web conferences
    Each week, you’ll participate in a web conference with your professor and fellow learners. During this time, you’ll review class material for the week and break out into small groups to discuss case studies or review talking points related to that week’s module. 

#5 Flexibility for Working Professionals 

Whether you’re managing a full-time job, caring for your family or both, our programs are designed with working professionals in mind. We understand the importance of balance, so our programs feature a convenient online component, enabling you to complete coursework on your schedule. Many students choose to fit in lectures and assignments before or after work, as well as during weekends. 

 #6 Diverse Networking Community 

As an online student, you’ll meet students who work in a variety of engineering backgrounds. During your classes, you’ll not only be able to apply your new skills in real-time, you’ll also learn how these same skills are incorporated in other fields. 

In addition, our interactive online learning environment allows you to make connections that you can take with you long after you’ve earned your degree. This new network may lead to collaborating on upcoming projects, offering and receiving valuable perspectives on engineering practices and creating a supportive community conducive to sustained professional development.  

Choose an Online Learning Experience Like No Other at UW–Madison 

Deciding to earn a graduate credential is the first step towards actively achieving your career goals. The next step is choosing the university that’s right for you. At UW–Madison, we understand how important that second step is, and we don’t take your consideration lightly. 

We proudly offer several distinct online engineering programs to choose from, depending on your professional ambitions and what you hope to learn, some of which include:  

After exploring our advanced engineering program offerings and selecting one that sparks your interest, feel free to reach out with any lingering questions, or take that exciting third step and apply today. With year-round start dates, we look forward to welcoming you to the Badger family!