3 Reasons Electives Are Essential in UW–Madison’s Online Data Analytics Master’s Program

If you have a passion for collecting and analyzing data to improve a product or program’s functionality, you might have your mind set on a career in data analytics. While you’ve probably narrowed down your scope of study, have you considered any particular areas in which you’d like to learn more or improve your skills? 

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, our online Master of Engineering in Data Analytics offers more than 15 elective courses spanning various specialties. Whether you’re looking to explore new engineering realms or complement your existing skillset, UW–Madison provides the ideal environment to refine your data analytics expertise and broaden your engineering horizons. 

From exploring other specialties to adding a diverse range of skills to your growing resume, today we’re diving into the benefits of the expansive selection of elective courses at UW–Madison. 

What Is Data Analytics? 

Before we break down each curricular pathway, let’s begin by doing something close to a data analyst’s heart: exploring and analyzing the facts.  

Engineering is not a one-size-fits-all discipline, and there are numerous specialties to choose from. From mechanical to chemical to aerospace engineering, your options are vast. 

The field of data analytics is ideal for individuals who enjoy embracing their inner detective. You’ll use advanced computer tools and mathematical techniques to solve problems that drive better results. Whether it’s creating a more sustainable energy system or improving the design of a car, data guides analysts toward the results they’re working to achieve. 

What Are the Benefits of UW–Madison’s Elective Courses? 

Within the field of data analytics, there are multiple directions you can catapult your career toward, depending on your strengths, abilities and interests. Below, we’re digging into some of the advantages our elective courses can offer you along the way to achieving your dream career. 

#1 Choose From a Diverse Selection of Courses 

UW–Madison’s online Master of Engineering in Data Analytics consists of 30 credit hours. Within this program, 15 credit hours are dedicated to core courses, providing you with the flexibility to select from around 10 diverse courses and customize your core curriculum to align with your professional objectives. The remaining 15 credit hours are designated as electives, offering you a broad selection of course topics ranging from Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement to Python for Applications in Engineering—and so many more. 

Think back to your undergraduate experience where, alongside your core classes, elective courses allowed you to pursue a minor. One of the benefits of earning a minor is that you were able to learn a unique skill set beyond your major and enhance your versatility in the job market. 

As you work toward earning your online Master of Engineering in Data Analytics, you can use those 15 elective credits to your advantage. With more than 15 electives to choose from, our online program is brimming with opportunities to explore various engineering disciplines—from manufacturing to polymer engineering. Additionally, our program offers three curricular pathways: 

  • Leadership 
    Ideal for those aspiring to leadership roles or a career in project management. 
  • Manufacturing 
    Concentrates on enhancing manufacturing processes and efficiency. 
  • Sustainable Systems 
    Focuses on incorporating sustainability principles into engineering practices. 

If one of those concentrations is exactly what you’d like to focus on, you can take all three courses associated with that area. If you’d like to mix and match the courses to align with your interests, you can do that too. 

#2 Sample Courses From Other Programs 

Some of our elective courses serve as core courses in other UW–Madison graduate programs. For instance, the elective course Automatic Controls is not only part of our online Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Engineering program but is also featured in the online Power Conversion and Control Capstone Certificate program. 

By opting for an elective offered in another UW–Madison online program, you can explore a subject outside of your chosen discipline and gauge your interest in pursuing another graduate credential at UW–Madison in the future. Even better? You’ll be one course closer to earning it.  

#3 Stay Ahead of the Curve in Multiple Engineering Disciplines 

No matter which courses you choose, you’re giving yourself the gift of remaining current in the latest advancements for multiple areas of engineering. Think of your electives as the ultimate form of professional development, keeping you informed and relevant while placing you one step closer to earning your master’s degree. 

Choose the Electives That Are Right For You at UW–Madison 

We’ve curated a course list with more than 15 diverse electives designed to capture your interest and equip you with the skills necessary for your desired career. As a virtual Badger, our online program offers additional advantages, including: 

  • Smaller class sizes, which foster more engaging and enriching discussions with professors and fellow students.
  • The flexibility to work from any location and at your preferred time, accommodating your busy schedule.
  • A top-tier online learning environment specifically tailored for pragmatic engineers like yourself. 

Ready to create the spark that’ll ignite your passions and boost your career? Take the first step and apply today.